Your water might originate from a clean source, but in some cases that water has to travel through many miles of pipes before reaching your home. Some of these pipes may be very old, corroded and leaky. Ground water can enter these pipes adding any number of contaminants.

Any home in Western Mass built prior to 1990 probably has water pipes joined with lead based solder. In certain circumstances, the lead from that solder can get into your water supply.

Some circumstances where you may want to consider having your water tested:

  • Is your water source near a recreational lake or pond?
  • Is your water source within 10 miles of a dry cleaning business, metal processing companies, mining operations, industries, farming or landfills?
  • Is your water source within 1 mile of gas stations, cemeteries more than 100 years old or highway salt storage?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, contact Mike Beaudry Home Inspections to schedule your water inspection today.