A commercial inspection is a top-to-bottom review of the building’s basic workings. It also includes reviewing the condition of the roof, walls, floors, doors and windows, interior and exterior finishes, foundations and framing, and the heating, plumbing and electrical systems.

We can also tailor our commercial inspections to meet the specific needs of the customer. We am happy to perform anything from single system inspections to full site condition assessments.

There are several different situations where you might require a Commercial Inspection.

Pre-Purchase (due diligence) Inspections: Complete building inspections performed to the level of detail required by the purchaser to aid in making an informed purchase decision. When purchasing property for your company or as an investment, an inspection gives you the necessary information to make a sound, educated decision, reducing your risk and eliminating surprises.

Specific Item Consultations: A professional opinion on the condition of one or more components of the building, either for pre-purchase, insurance or leasing information, or just for general and maintenance information. This is often used to help evaluate contractor’s bids for repairs, additions, alterations, etc.

Lease Renewal Maintenance Inspections: This inspection will allow you to have any deferred maintenance items addressed prior to lease renewal or termination.

Pre-Sale Inspections: A full inspection, but performed for a seller prior to listing the property. This service can help in determining what items need repairs prior to selling, and can help in properly pricing and marketing the building. Talk with your Realtor about the value of a pre-sale inspection.

Maintenance Inspections: Periodic inspections of the building and equipment for property owners who do not have full-time building engineering staff, or for those who require outside expertise in certain systems. These inspections are valuable in detecting potentially expensive repairs early, before they become serious.